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Male Sexual Problems
Multiple Orgasms
Premature Ejaculation
Men and Sex

Men take sex seriously!  Effective sexual functioning provides men the confidence and self-esteem both in and out of the bedroom.  Performing well sexually provides a man with power to stand confidently when with his partner, but to also own his power throughout the relationship. 

Conversely, if a man does not demonstrate the ability to complete his sexual responsibilities, such as lasting sufficiently long to please his partner, he may experience feelings of shame and inadequacy.  Such a potently negative experience, can cast a man into a negative cycle of performance anxiety, a self-fulfilling prophecy of fear that can pollute every sexual experience thereafter.

Andrew Aaron, LICSW may help a man escape from this destructive cycle of fear and poor sexual performance.

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I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

-Carl Jung