Healing From Infidelity

Published by Andrew Aaron on Wednesday, 29th March 2017 - 3:55PM in Help for Couples

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There exist many challenges to the bond of love between partners, such as infidelities. The damage caused by a partner stepping outside the boundaries of a committed relationship can be excruciating to the injured partner. It is not unusual for the hurt partner, after learning about the infidelity to lose his or her appetite, to have trouble sleeping, to have a busy mind which obsesses about the details of the infidelity, and to be unable to concentrate. The resulting distrust caused by an infidelity, can be particularly difficult to heal. The unfaithful partner will have his or her own set of intense emotions, such as guilt, embarrassment and shame, which may get overlooked in the rush to soothe the injured partner's pain. The good news is that most couples do maintain their relationship despite the profound challenge to the relationship bond. Some couples are able to heal their relationships, with the re-earning of trust and the potential of forgiveness. Some couples, by healing, make their relationship even better than it was before. Getting help can speed the healing.

Andrew Aaron, LICSW has treated many couples suffering from the fallout from this intensely difficult crisis. He is well versed in the lengthy and complex journey couples go through while healing.

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