For Singles

Getting to know yourself is not always easy, but essential.

Being single is an opportunity to live life with freedom.  Through being single, you are able to deepen and improve the relationship you have with yourself. Should you desire a romantic partnership, being single is the time to grow so that you are empowered to both attract and choose the best possible partner.  Partner choices and chemistry of attraction are deeply based on self-esteem...or the quality of your relationship with yourself.  The better you feel about yourself, the greater likelihood you will choose a partner who also has that higher level of self-regard and the higher capacity to love. So while being single, now is the time to increase your own love for you.

Women's Sexual Problems

Women face many potential sexual stumbling blocks. Here they are explained.

Loving Yourself

We cannot fully love another if we don’t first love our self is true and discussed here greater detail.

Single-Being Single Can Be Good

BEING SINGLE IS AN OPPORTUNITY...treat it as one. 1. It may not initially console you, but while single you have an abundance of the commodity which most people in a love relationships value the most, freedom. At first glance this may seem obvious,...

Single-The Basic Questions

BASIC QUESTIONS TO BE ANSWERED Upon meeting a prospective romantic partner, there are some basic questions that you need answered, over time, before you fully invest your time, money, heart and emotions: 1. Is this person healthy: physically,...

Single-The Games

LET THE GAMES BEGIN In the beginning of a new romantic connection, the negotiation between potential partners can feel an awful lot like playing games, or playing mind games. What is actually happening is that negotiations are underway as to how the...

Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying

Too many couples fail to ask each other critical questions before marrying. Here are many good ones:

The "M" Word

Research suggests that giving oneself sexual pleasure is not just normal, but is common.