Single-The Basic Questions

Published by Andrew Aaron on Wednesday, 29th March 2017 - 4:31PM in For Singles

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Upon meeting a prospective romantic partner, there are some basic questions that you need

answered, over time, before you fully invest your time, money, heart and emotions:

1. Is this person healthy: physically, emotionally, psychologically, etc?

2. Is this person honest...are they who and what they say they are?

3. Is this a strong person who knows how to accept responsibility?

4. Does this person live a well-ordered life, or is it messy and full of problems?

5. Does this person have integrity? Can he or she be trusted? Do their words and actions match?

6. To what degree does this person know how to love? Do they love themselves?

7. What are this person's intentions?

Without the answers to these questions, you will not know how safe you are from harm or emotional hurt. Be cautious until, without a doubt, you have solid answers to these questions. To gain these answers takes some time, and some life situations experienced together, to be revealed. Until then, it might be wise to spend time with this individual only in public places.

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