Relationship Articles

Loving another is difficult. I hope these articles about love relationships help to negotiate the challenge so you experience satisfying love.

No Time Like the Present

The present is where we live and by staying in the present couples are empowered to have positive relationships.

Love’s Expectations, Disappointments

Our spouse is the easiest person not to love. This article talks about why.

Emotional Safety

Emotional safety refers specifically to a quality found in a relationship where each partner is able to be him or herself genuinely without con­cern for being emotionally harmed.

Loving Differences

Partners are different. This is the basis for many of the struggles romantic partners face.

Enticing Love to Stay

Loving another is not are some suggestions to help love last.

Conflict Need Not Damage Love

Ultimately, conflict is more about negotiating, listening and understanding and resolving than hurting.

Loving Yourself

We cannot fully love another if we don’t first love our self is true and discussed here greater detail.

Building Passion

After all, shouldn't good sex just come naturally? Should we really have to work at it? These are valid, commonly asked questions. In a perfect world our sex lives would be simple, naturally obtained and deeply satisfying. But in this less than...

Vive la Différence

The differences between men and women often produce such friction and acrimony that neither partner ends up feeling like being close or having intimacy.

Re-Igniting the Flames of Passion

It takes two strong, loving people to make one strong love relationship.

Mothering Kind of Love

How male partners hears his female partner's words often varies widely from how a she intends it.

What Love Is

Love can be difficult to describe. The following is a list of qualities that help to define love.

Questions Couples Should Ask (Or Wish They Had) Before Marrying

Too many couples fail to ask each other critical questions before marrying. Here are many good ones:

Love’s Expiration Date

A lover’s heart becomes fragile if denied the nourishment that loving acts provide.

Teaching You How to Love Me

A dangerous but common assumption that if our partner loves us, he or she will know how to do it.

Strength is a Turn-on

We all instinctively know that strength is a turn on. Strength attracts.