Sex Therapy

Sex therapy offers couples a safe, emotionally-centered arena in which to solve sexual problems.

Sex therapy differs little from traditional talk-based psychotherapy, except that the focus of the treatment is on solving sexual problems, and the sex therapist is a professional who is specially trained in the complex sphere of human sexuality. And just like traditional psychotherapy, sex therapy involves no touching between patient and therapist and absolutely no sex between patient and therapist.

Low Female Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire, the most common sexual complaint from women is discussed.

Women's Sexual Problems

Women face many potential sexual stumbling blocks. Here they are explained.

Male Sexual Problems

A variety of problems can plague men in their sexuality. The following explores each one in detail.

Building Sexual Passion

Shouldn't good sex just come naturally? Should we really have to work at it?

Women Who Can't Have Intercourse. A Discussion of Vaginismus

in the majority of cases, vaginismus is a physical response as a result of emotional factors.

Sounds of Loving

Vocalizing pleasure during sex is an essential part of love-making and adds to the upward spiral of excitement and arousal.

Curing the Sexless Marriage

Sexlessness, often frustrating and depressing to many partner's, is commonly a symptom of emotional gridlock.

The Most Common Sexual Problems

This is a list of sexual problems

Sex is Good For You!

Guess what? In addition to sex feeling is actually good for you as well!

A Man's Expectations

A discussion of the all important relationship between a man, his penis and himself.

The "M" Word

Research suggests that giving oneself sexual pleasure is not just normal, but is common.

When You Have a Sexual Problem

Sexual problems are particularly challenging...because they are embarrassing.