Sexuality Articles

Sex can be ecstasy and it can be misery. I hope these articles help you to experience more pleasure and ecstasy.

Coping With the Porn Factor

Porn is often a source of conflict between romantic partners.

Low Female Sexual Desire

Low sexual desire, the most common sexual complaint from women is discussed.

Passion, Passion Burning Bright

Couple after couple prove how difficult it is to maintain passion. What interferes?

Married With Kids: Is Libido Lower for Women?

Married women with children under the age of 5 are the most likely to report having little interest in sex, a new study shows.

Male Sexual Problems

A variety of problems can plague men in their sexuality. The following explores each one in detail.

Keys to Great Sex

Not all sex is great sex, this article explores the one factor which can make it great.

Women Who Can't Have Intercourse. A Discussion of Vaginismus

in the majority of cases, vaginismus is a physical response as a result of emotional factors.

Importance of Foreplay

Difference between males and females makes foreplay a make it or break it proposition.

Building Passion

After all, shouldn't good sex just come naturally? Should we really have to work at it? These are valid, commonly asked questions. In a perfect world our sex lives would be simple, naturally obtained and deeply satisfying. But in this less than...

Protecting Sex

Fostering an environment of emotional safety between partners is of key importance both to make the relationship healthy, but is also essential to support the presence of a passionate, high quality sex life. Imagine what partners have together as of...

Sounds of Loving

Vocalizing pleasure during sex is an essential part of love-making and adds to the upward spiral of excitement and arousal.

Touched by a Partner

We would have died if not often touched after our birth. Being touched is equally important to the well-being of our adult love relationship. Lovingly applied, physical contact literally nourishes us and helps to keep us emotionally and physically...

Vaginismus: A Marriage Killer

Vaginismus is a female sexual dysfunction which causes painful intercourse or prevents intercourse.

The Un-Enthusiastic Partner

A relationship is challenged and a healthy sex life is difficult when one partner has mixed or negative feelings about sex.

Making Sex Emotionally Safe

Emotional safety is a vital component necessary to make a passionate love relationship healthy and satisfying.

Multiplying Your Pleasure...Attaining Multiple Orgasm

Experiencing more than one orgasm in a single sexual session is possible for most women.

Curing the Sexless Marriage

Sexlessness, often frustrating and depressing to many partner's, is commonly a symptom of emotional gridlock.

Sexuality: Talk About It. Talk About It!

Sex is an important part of being human and of love relationships. Why don't couples talk about it?

The Two Sides of Sexual Anxiety

Sex can be anxiety-provoking, but opposing ways of coping with it can cause havoc between lovers.

Late Night Rendez-vous

Most couples choose late night for sex, probably the worst time to be sexual.

Taming The Busy Mind

For many lovers, especially female lovers, a busy mind is distracting and interferes with enjoying sex.

Digging The Dirt

In sex a partner who is bad can be good and what is dirty fun is actually clean.

Playing, With Power

Sex and power are strongly linked and interact on many levels between romantic partners. The use of power can be split into two broad categories: the power to control others and the power to love others. Power to control is implemented through direct...

The "Mmmmm" Word

Still taboo even in this internet age, masturbation is common, natural but still awkward.