Sexuality Articles

Delayed Take Off

Among male sexual problems is inhibited ejaculation, a problem some men wish they had.

Sounds of Loving

Expressing sounds of pleasure during sex contributes to high States of arousal, excitement and pleasure.

A Man's Expectations

The relationship between a man and his penis can be a complicated one...fraught with expectations.

More Than Just Lip Service...The Pleasures of Oral Sex

Oral sex is an activity enjoyed by many passions couples, perhaps more intimate than any other.

Being a Good Lover

Do not assume you are a good lover' ask your lover if you can please him or her even more.

Sex is Good For You!

Guess what? In addition to sex feeling is actually good for you as well!

A Man's Expectations

A discussion of the all important relationship between a man, his penis and himself.

The "M" Word

Research suggests that giving oneself sexual pleasure is not just normal, but is common.