Male Sexual Problems

Published by Andrew Aaron on Friday, 18th August 2017 - 11:33PM

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Men take sex seriously! 

Effective sexual functioning provides men the confidence and self-esteem both in and out of the bedroom. Performing well sexually provides a man with power to stand confidently when with his partner, but to also own his power throughout the relationship.

Conversely, if a man does not demonstrate the ability to complete his sexual responsibilities, such as lasting sufficiently long to please his partner, he may experience feelings of shame and inadequacy. Such a potently negative experience, can cast a man into a negative cycle of performance anxiety, a self-fulfilling prophecy of fear that can pollute every sexual experience thereafter.

Andrew Aaron, LICSW may help a man escape from this destructive cycle of fear and poor sexual performance.

Men are challenged sexually with several difficulties:

Erectile Dysfunction (ED): This problem can be caused by physical or emotional obstacles. Andrew Aaron, LICSW is able to provide help with erection problems caused by emotionally-based causes. Poor health, heart problems, circulatory problems and medications can all result in poor erections or lack of ercetions altogether. However, strong negative emotions can also eliminate the potential for a man to experience a solid erection. Fear, anxiety, stress, pre-occupation, anger can all interfere with full erections.

Delayed Ejaculation: Few men talk about this problem, which is the inhibited ability to reach orgasm. Men suffering from this grow frustrated by their inability, and may be troubled by their partner's reaction, such as taking their lack of ejaculation personally, as an indication of undesirability and feelings of lack of love. At its worst, sufferers are unable to ejaculate ever when with their partner. Delayed ejaculation may also result in negative effects to the sexual relationship between partners. In their desire for orgasmic success, partners may make lengthy efforts mostly resulting in loss of arousal, soreness, disappointment and frustration.

Sexual Compulsion and Addiction: Sex is a powerful force, though most men are able to sufficiently control their sexual desire from becoming unwanted or risky sexual behaviors. Men with sexual compulsion or sexual addiction do not possess the necessary control to curb risky, self-destructive sexual behaviors, thus create problems for themselves, their partners and families.

Pornography: The use of pornography is widespread. In many cases men and their partners incorporate sexual material into their sex play in creative and positive ways. Yet in other circumstances, pornography for some men can contribute to sexually compulsive behaviors. For others, especially those in relationships where their partners are opposed to the presence of pornography, porn represents a destructive force to the relationship, a sense of fidelity, and the healthiness of a couple's sex life. Andrew Aaron, LICSW has helped many men and their partners negotiate the treacherous waters surrounding the issues of pornography.

Sexual Avoidance: For many emotional reasons, including those mentioned above, many men avoid sex, contrary to the prevailing myth that all men possess intense and incessant sexual desire. Some men have low desire or lack of desire. Others suffer from depression or due to relationship complications seek to avoid being sexual with their partners. The effect of sexual avoidance can be negative and profound, from continuous hurt to the partner to causing the end to relationships.

Premature Ejaculation (PE) but also called ejaculatory control problem: A man suffers from premature ejaculation when he is unable to possess sufficient control over the timing of his ejaculation to satisfy himself and his partner.

In extreme cases, a man may lack the control to delay ejaculation even before the penetration of intercourse has begun. Many men do not possess sufficient ejaculatory control to hold off on ejaculating beyond one, two, or three minutes into intercourse, but well before he would prefer to time his ejaculation. Lack of control causes men to be burdened with powerfully negative feelings of shame, embarrassment and inadequacy. Some men are so deeply bothered by their lack of ejaculatory control that they avoid future sexual opportunities, and those that are single, avoid potential sexual partners.

Most men are able to develop the kind of control they desire. With an increase in muscular control, sensitivity to their arousal, greater awareness of their emotional state, an increased capacity to relax and improved confidence, a man can possess the kind of control he seeks.

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