Love is where it all begins and ends.

Living life with passion means possessing a healthy aliveness. Nowhere is living with passion more important than in love relationships.

Why is it so difficult to keep a love relationship on track? How can we keep the love and closeness alive? Is it possible to maintain the passion in sex?

It is possible. To do so, people must possess or develop the capacity to be emotionally strong and loving. Being strong means having the ability to make the right choices, for ourselves or others, even if the choices are difficult or unpopular. Being loving is the capacity to let go of ourselves; to temporarily choose to disregard our own needs by supporting the growth, nourishment and well-being of another.

By knowing ourselves well, our strengths and limitations, it is vital that we learn to love and trust ourselves. It is done by choosing to be a friend to ourselves, in spite of our own faults. Even in our love relationships, and especially in our love relationships, being true to ourself is a necessary part of maintaining passion.

If we do not possess these qualities, the passion in our love relationship will fade away and the passion in sex, too, will eventually be lost.

Relationship Therapy

Loving another can be among the most rewarding life experiences, but also among the most difficult. In the rigors of getting it right, couples often get stuck and love gets blocked. Andrew Aaron, LICSW has decades of experience helping couples get unstuck and returning to a loving connection.


Sex Therapy

The joys of sex! When sex is right it is easy and simple. But when difficulties form, sex may seem complicated and impossible. Andrew Aaron, LICSW helps couples solve emotionally-based sexual difficulties, helps couples develop new and improved skills as lovers and helps others to elevate their intimate life to lofty pleasures.


Individual Therapy

Life is hard. Whether you are striving to find a suitable romantic partner, overcoming anxiety and depression, or having difficulty in a life transition, Andrew Aaron, LICSW can help support your growth and success elegantly with courage and strength.


What Some People Say

Helping couples for over two decades.

Andrew Aaron, LICSW, graduated with a Masters degree in Social Work from Simmons College, Graduate School of Social Work in 1994. For more than 25 years he has helped hundreds of couples and individuals get beyond problems, feel better and love more fully.


Love and Intimacy Therapeutic Specialist